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Hackers craft painstakingly deceptive emails designed to outsmart your employees. It’s time for smarter countermeasures. ThreatSim attack simulation tools and SpearTraining™ programs are proven to reduce open rates by more than 95 percent!


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State of the Phish 2015: What You Should Know About Trends, Training, and Results

To provide an idea of where — and how — organizations make themselves most vulnerable to phishing attacks, ThreatSim presented a one-hour live webinar. Learn how to plug one of, if not the biggest hole in the security of your organization.


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“When you compare spearphishing solutions on the market today you can’t beat the total package offered by ThreatSim.”


Feature Tour

  • ThreatSim allows you to deliver training to your user base at the moment that it will have the greatest impact — the moment they click on the link in the email. Identify the users that completed training and who need follow-up encouragement.

  • Slice and dice your results and drill down into the data collected. See which users are suceptible to phishing, which users have vulnerable plugins, which users entered their credentials, and a host of other data points.

  • Because a spear phishing attack doesn’t end when the user clicks on malicious email, ThreatSim allows you to quickly see how effective your 3rd party patching controls are effective. Assess if the users who click on phishing emails also have vulnerable 3rd party plugins.

  • Schedule phishing simulations in the future or during off-hours to assess overseas users or users at home on mobile devices during off-hours. ThreatSim offers two of the most popular types of campaigns, Drive-By and Data Entry.

  • Easily manage targets with our drag-and-drop interface. You can upload target users via CSV files or manually add targets.

  • ThreatSim is delivered as a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS). There is no software to install, no hardware to buy, no new appliance to maintain. ThreatSim is an annual subscription based solution, priced per user, with unlimited phishing tests per year.

  • We support our customers from getting their first campaign up and running and through the life of your subscription. ThreatSim is a constantly evolving solution that thrives on customer feedback. We are constantly adding features to respond to real world attack vectors and customer requests.

  • ThreatSim is also offered as a “white glove” managed service for an additional cost. We handle target management, on going campaign execution, and tracking results. Reports are delivered to you on a regular timetable that you specify.

  • We take the security of our customer’s data very seriously. Among other security controls, ThreatSim offers two-factor authentication for customer account access.

  • When a user reports a simulated phishing message to your help desk we track it and add it to your metrics.