Train Personnel

SpearTraining™ is our customized spear phishing awareness training that is delivered at the moment of optimal impact: when the user clicks on a simulated phishing email. We want to help you create an army of “smart skeptics” within your organization that are savvy enough to hesitate when clicking on the URL in that email that just doesn’t look right. Here’s how we do it:

When a user is logging into what they think is a real site (hosted on a simulated phishing URL) yet they are directed unexpectedly to SpearTraining, it elicits a visceral reaction. This is a very potent point in time to deliver the type of training needed to combat phishing.

The default training slides are six pages long and requires the user to electronically acknowledge that they completed the training. This way your organization can track those users who made it through the training, and those that need a little encouragement.

For those customers that have an established training program, we allow the user to direct users to a custom URL:

spear training